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Steve Hennigan

  Steve Hennigan

President & CEO of SACU

Steve Hennigan currently holds the position of President and Chief Executive Officer for San Antonio Federal Credit Union (SACU) where he is responsible for providing leadership and vision for a cooperatively-owned financial intermediary serving more than 200,000 households in the San Antonio and Houston region.

Prior to becoming President and CEO, Steve held the role of President and COO for SACU’s entrepreneurial venture created to address the nation’s housing affordability challenges, CU Factory Built Lending, L.P., with a mission to build a national credit union collaboration to promote affordable housing that will provide more financing options for credit union members choosing manufactured housing as an alternative to traditional site-built homes. This initiative is represents SACU’s fastest growing business line with annual revenue growth reaching annual loan production of over $200 million and annual revenue of $50 million after its 5th year in operation.

Prior to assuming these duties in January 2003, he served as SACU’s Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer where he was responsible for the leadership of the Finance Division Team. Mr. Hennigan started his employment with SACU in September 1993 as the Director of Treasury Management. Prior to his employment with SACU, Mr. Hennigan has had financial risk management experience in a number of organizations in the financial services industry to include global currency risk management at the Chicago Board of Trade; portfolio management of $2.0 billion structured finance subsidiary of a federally-insured savings and loan designed to purchase whole mortgage loan pass-through certificates for constructing new-issue mortgage-backed securities; and interest rate risk management of a national mortgage bank with a servicing portfolio in excess of $5.0 billion.

Mr. Hennigan’s academic background includes BBA in Finance and Accounting from St. Mary’s University in San Antonio; is a licensed Certified Public Accountant (CPA); has completed Level II examinations of the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) program; and has had post graduate education at Massachusetts Institute of Technology in systems dynamics and at Southern Methodist University’s School of Engineering and Applied Science in data warehousing and related technologies.

As an individual committed to life-long learning from the lessons that experiences offer, he is deeply passionate about creating corporate cultures that emphasize continuous learning; individual accountability, responsibility and empowerment; and the use of requisite organizational design to ensure that the organization’s success is aligned with that of individual team members’ capabilities and potential.

Steve also served from 2001 to 2011 as one of five Trustees of the City Public Service Board, the 2nd largest municipally-owned electric power company in the country serving nearly one million residential and commercial customers, where he has served in various capacities as the Chairman of the Board, and Chairman of the Personnel Committee and Audit Committees.

Steve is a native of New Orleans, Louisiana and is married to Tracy Hennigan. He and Tracy have two daughters: Megan and Callie.


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