Michael Plaks


“What works and what does not work in RE investing: the hidden truths”


There are so many different ways to make money in real estate. All of them work great – IF you believe the gurus, the promoters and your fellow investors. ​But should you believe them? Are they telling you the truth? Who can tell?
Michael Plaks can! Why? Because, as a real estate accountant, he sees what nobody else can see: the real numbers. You can lie on stage or to your friends, but you cannot lie to your accountant. After looking at the successes and failures of hundreds of his clients – all real estate investors – Michael acquired unique insights into what does and what does not work in real estate.
​Some of the top 10 things that work well: ​narrow focus, buying subject-to, selling rentals with owner financing
Some of the top 10 things that do not: “handyman specials”, out-of-state investments, 50/50 partnerships.
Don’t you want to learn the ​rest of them and discuss the reasons? Of course you do! Do not miss this informative and controversial presentation.

 10 business habits that will save you thousands of dollars in 2015”

By now, most of our New Year resolutions ​are discarded. We will return to dieting, exercising and meditation next year. Right now, we are focused on making money.
 Michael Plaks will help us keep more of this money in our pockets and save time and trouble while running our real estate businesses. It takes some simple to adopt habits, such us utilizing phone apps for bookkeeping chores and verifying interest calculations.
 Let’s tighten our business practices and run our operations professionally and efficiently. Michael will show us how, so make sure to attend and take notes!

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Thursday, February 12, 2015.

Doors open: 5:30pm. Meeting: 6:30pm.